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volume fourteen - number two - summer 1999






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Editor's Page
by Dennis McCarthy
The 2-digit Dilemma
Technology Bites Back
by Arnaud de Borchgrave and Stephanie Lanz
The Global Challege of Y2K
by Senator Robert F. Bennett
Risky Business
by Edward Yardeni
Russian Roulette
by Michael R. Kraig

Unconventional Warfare

Asymmetric Warfare
by Jonathan B. Tucker
Nonlethal Weapons
by Nick Lewer
Reinventing the Arms Race
by M.V. Ramana
The Silent, Deadly Remedy
by Richard Garfield
Peace through Sanctions?
by Ulrich Gottstein

Protecting the Commons

Public Lands:  A System in Crisis
by Robert H. Nelson
New Directions for Public Lands
by Randal O'Toole
In Wilderness Is Dissension
by Martin A. Nie
Lessons from the Past
by Sally Fairfax, Lynn Huntsinger, and Carmel Adelburg
Preserving the Public Trust
byLouis Blumberg


Nuclear Impasse

Nuclear Gridlock
by Stan L. Albrecht
Nuclear Solutions
by James M. Williams
The Case against Reprocessing
by William C. Sailor
The Challenge Ahead
by Katherine N. Probst and Michael H. McGovern
Integrated Weapons-Site Cleanup
by Charles R. Malone
Economic Fallout
by Karen Lowrie, Michael Greenberg, and Michael Frisch
Nuclear Power for the 21st Centruy
by Valmore Loiselle and W.G. Kritsky
Book Reviews


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