FORUM FOR APPLIED RESEARCH AND PUBLIC POLICY is a quarterly journal dedicated to an open, balanced discussion of issues in energy, the environment, science and technology, and economic development. We take no partisan positions, and we encourage debate among our contributors. The journal is intended for university researchers, policy analysts, public officials, and general readers having a broad interest in public policy. Most articles are policy related and based on applied research. We welcome technical and scientific articles in the social, physical, and natural sciences, provided the articles are understandable to an educated, but diverse, readership. Please send your manuscript to:


311 Conference Center Building

Knoxville, TN 37996-4134

Material should be original, previously unpublished, and usually no more than about 15 double-spaced pages (3,500-4,000 words). Please submit diskettes in addition to hard copy — we prefer WordPerfect or Word — or you may email your file to elequire@utk.edu. Place tables and figures on separate pages. You can find examples of feature articles on the FORUM homepage. Check out the online journal at http://forum.ra.utk.edu/onlinejournal.html.


Articles should be written in an enjoyable, highly readable style—the kind of writing you'd expect to find in the New Yorker or Discover magazine. Stories and anecdotes always help to enliven an article. Whenever possible, use concrete examples to clarify key terms and concepts. Avoid jargon and vague, bureaucratic words. For example, instead of referring to infrastructure, talk about bridges and highways or sewer lines or whatever you mean by infrastructure. The more successful you are in meeting these criteria, the less ruthless we'll have to be in editing.


FORUM follows an endnote format. Use the following examples as models.


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For help in text preparation, see The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago: University of Chicago Press) or The Associated Press Stylebook (New York: Associated Press). For endnote help, see The Chicago Manual of Style.